We do quite a bit of work on estuarine morphodynamics. These environments are incredibly fascinating. The interaction between processes operating over a variety of time scales makes understanding and prediction extremely complicated and interesting at the same time.

The problem is obviously further complicated by the interaction with biology (marshes, mangroves, bugs of all sorts…)

Current work includes topics like:

- Bank erosion - Lab and numerical models in collaboration with Hohai University.

- 3d effects - In collaboration with Maitane Olabarrieta at the University of Florida.

- Channel equilibrium - In collaboration with Fan Xu (State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, Shangai), Ian Townend (University of Southampton), and the Padua morpho group (Andrea, Luca and Stefano).

- Ecomorphodynamics - In collaboration with Zeng Zhou (Hohai University), Karin Bryan (NIWA), Maarten Kleinhans and Barend van Maanen (Utrech University) , and, inevitably, with the Padua morpho group.

- Plastic dynamics -  In collaboration with Kevin Simon and Melissa Bowen (University of Auckland).

Watch out for this space, there's more to come.