Here are some books we like and we have been somehow linked to

Introduction to Morphodynamics of Sedimentary Patterns

Paolo Blondeaux, Marco Colombini, Giovanni Seminara, Giovanna Vittori

This book provides a great introduction to morphodynamics and the many patterns we enjoy investigating. It is also a great initiative since the book is the first of a series of monograph that will focus on individual patterns. The University of Genoa is leading this initiative and the e-books are free!

You can download the book from:


Coastal Storms: Processes and Impacts


Paolo Ciavola and Giovanni Coco

Many colleagues have contributed to this book and the overall result is a useful review of the state of the art in this field. A variety of environments are analyzed while the first chapters are devoted to the description of the key processes in action.

You can look at the table of contents and download the first chapter from:


Files coming soon.