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Wave Projection Data - NEW ZEALAND


Visualise and Download Our Wave Projection Data

Here we provide three time-slices of high resolution wave climate data for the New Zealand waters. We developed a set of historical and projected wave climatologies from 3 global climate models (GCM) and two projected pathways. The models were chosen based on their skill to represent the past atmospheric patterns of the wave generation basins New Zealand is exposed to.
Reconstructed bimodal boundaries from windsea and swell waves together with GCM winds provided the forcing for a SWAN grid around New Zealand. Waves were downscaled in non-stationary mode through 4 levels of nesting, storing both partitioned and integrated parameters. The historical boundaries were obtained from 13 years (1993–2006) of wave data from three GCM (ACCESS1-0, CNRM-CM5 and MIROC5). The future wave climate boundaries and wind forcing are from two 20-year (2026–2046, 2080–2100) ensembles of wave climate projections from the same GCMs under two different representative concentration pathways (RCP 4.5, RCP 8.5).
An assessment of the anomalies between the past and future GCMs provides us insightful information about the potential changes in the future wave climate of New Zealand. This dataset will be of great value to a number of future studies on risk assessment and mitigation of coastal hazards. The full description of data and methods will be available shortly in Albuquerque et al., 2020 (in prep).
We acknowledge funding from a New Zealand GNS-Hazard Platform grant to Giovanni Coco. We also acknowledge NeSI for providing us the computing power necessary to perform the simulations and the Centre for eResearch for assisting us on the development of this hindcast web-interface. We would appreciate if you let us know that you are using the data

Wave Hindcast Data - NEW ZEALAND


Visualise and Download Our Wave Hindcast Data

The database comprises a set of integrated and partitioned wave parameters downscaled from a global wave hindcast with SWAN. Three-hourly data at a 9Km resolution is available for visualisation and download throughout the whole New Zealand area. 

Wave Runup Field Data


Download Our Wave Runup FieldData

To download the dataset, please first go through the read me file (click here ).

The database comprises wave, beach and runup parameters measured on different beaches around the world.  Please make sure you cite the appropriate publication when using the data (not this page but the original authors). Collecting the data is hard work and needs to be acknowledged appropriately. 

Storm Surge Data - NEW ZEALAND


Download our Storm Surge database for New Zealand

Click to find a 0.25° spatial resolution database from 1870 to 2100 for different global climate models and scenarios.

Shoreshop Data


Download our shoreshop data

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