This page provides the access to shared research data. Feel free to download and use the data to boost your research.

Wave Hindcast Data - NEW ZEALAND


Visualise and Download Our Wave Hindcast Data

The database comprises a set of integrated and partitioned wave parameters downscaled from a global wave hindcast with SWAN. Three-hourly data at a 9Km resolution is available for visualisation and download throughout the whole New Zealand area. 

Wave Runup Field Data


Download Our Wave Runup FieldData

To download the dataset, please first go through the read me file (click here ).

The database comprises wave, beach and runup parameters measured on different beaches around the world.  Please make sure you cite the appropriate publication when using the data (not this page but the original authors). Collecting the data is hard work and needs to be acknowledged appropriately. 

Storm Surge Data - NEW ZEALAND


Download our Storm Surge database for New Zealand

Click to find a 0.25° spatial resolution database from 1870 to 2100 for different global climate models and scenarios.

Shoreshop Data


Download our shoreshop data

coming soon....