Gaoyang Li


   I  obtained my BSc (Marine Sciences) from Xiamen University, China and my MSc (water resources engineering) from UNSW, Sydney. My bachelor-degree thesis focused on extracting estuarine eddy-shear covariance (ESCO) residual current from observation data, and explaining the mechanisms driving the eddy-shear covariance. My Master thesis (supervised by Dr.Mitchell Harley) looked into the feasibility of predicting the slow-varying component of shoreline changes using a non-linear autoregressive model with exogeneous variables (ARX model).

    Currently I'm doing my PhD degree at the University of Auckland, and my proposed topic focuses on the three-dimensional estuarine circulation and its possible impact on estuarine morphology on different time scales.

    (The photo shows the sunrise over Xiamen City. I was camping and helping my friend collecting samples on an intertidal flat).