Kun Zhao


I am currently doing PhD under supervision of Zheng Gong and Giovanni Coco. My research interest is tidal channel evolution with emphasis on bank collapse. I have built a process-based morphodynamic model taking into account bank collapse from a combined perspective of geotechnical and soil mechanic dynamics. Recently, I conduct a physical experiment, with the aim to test the importance of bank height and near-bank water depth in bank instability. Now, I am trying to simulate channel meanderings in tidal systems. 


Phone: +64 021 2621539 



  • Zhao, K., Z. Gong, K. Zhang, K. Wang, C. Jin, Z. Zhou, F. Xu, and G. Coco (2020), Laboratory experiments of bank collapse: the role of bank height and near-bank water depth, Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, Doi: 10.1029/2019JF005281.  
  •  Zhao, K., Z. Gong, F. Xu, Z. Zhou, C. K. Zhang, G. Perillo, and G. Coco (2019), The role of collapsed bank soil on tidal channel evolution: A process‐based model involving bank collapse and sediment dynamics, Water Resources Research, 55(11), 9051-9071.
  • Gong, Z, Zhao, K., Zhang, C., Dai, W., Coco, G., Zhou, Z., 2018, The role of bank collapse on tidal creek ontogeny: A novel process-based model for bank retreat, 2018, Geomorphology, 311, 13-26.